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Another form of misery: Alden’s slumlord investment in Mexico

EXTRA: A Homex-Alden Timeline

By Julie Reynolds

It’s become clear in recent months that Alden Global Capital — an ambulance-chaser of a hedge fund whose self-proclaimed mission is to “invest in distress” — profits from human misery through two kinds …
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Stunned communities respond as hedge fund accelerates newspaper staff cuts

By Julie Reynolds

Layoffs and buyouts continue unabated this month as stunned workers, elected officials and local leaders reacted to news that New York hedge fund Alden Global Capital plans to either shut down Digital First Media’s newspapers in the …
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Layoffs, buyouts across DFM newspaper chain follow hedge fund’s profit-extraction strategy

UPDATE: Total buyouts in San Jose this week now stand at 15, at least 9 of whom are NewsGuild-represented, bringing total job losses for the Bay Area News Group this week to at least 27.

By Julie Reynolds

Recent company-wide
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Untangling the web of Alden’s dubious deals

For Alden Global Capital, 2017 was a year of questionable investments in Russia, Brazil and Angola

By Julie Reynolds

Alden Global Capital spent much of last year gutting its newspapers to help finance a global spending spree, taking stakes in …
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The Case for New Owners is Clearer Than Ever

This is not the usual “hard times for newspapers” lament. Alden is cutting news staff at more than twice the national rate.

By DFMworkers staff

The argument for responsible, local ownership of Digital First Media newspapers grows stronger every day, …
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Heath Freeman’s view from the 34th floor

The brash young executive behind the thousand cuts at your local newspaper

By Julie Reynolds

“What do all these people do?”

Patrick McMullan Archives

Heath Freeman | by Patrick McMullan, Getty Images

Heath Bradford Freeman, the 37-year-old New York hedge fund president …
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The Pulitzer

Pursuing great journalism in the hedge fund era

By Thomas Peele

I was back to work that second Monday in April after a week off, aware of the day and tense about it, almost queasy.

Thomas Peele

After we’d won …
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The rise (and myth) of Alden Global

Read Part 1 here.

By Julie Reynolds

While Randall Smith and his close relatives were investing in Western U.S. real estate, hotels and oil fields, Smith was also busy expanding his offshore …
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Randy Smith and the destruction of the American newspaper

Read Part 2 here.

Part 1 The Birth of an Empire

By Julie Reynolds

Randall D. Smith is many things, but he’s not a man who’s ever showed an …
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From newspapers to big coal: Alden’s questionable investments continue

By Julie Reynolds

Alden Global Capital, the hedge fund behind the wholesale pillaging of one of America’s largest newspaper chains, specializes in troubled industries.

At times, investing in businesses on the brink has been a losing bet for Alden, …
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