Just north of Detroit, The Macomb Daily (covering Macomb County) and the Daily Tribune (southeast Oakland County) are the only two Guild papers among the several properties owned by Digital First Media across Michigan.

Known as the Independent Unit, in reference to a prior owner, the unit consists of more than 35 people who work in editorial, retail advertising, classified advertising, ad trafficking, maintenance and finance.

The changes have been dizzying. The unit has seen 12 publishers in the last 14 years. The newspapers have survived two bankruptcies. Since the last bankruptcy ended, in April 2013, the unit has shed 27 jobs, mostly through layoffs or not filling vacancies -– a loss of 45 percent of the workforce in less than three years.

There has been one constant: No raises since 2010, when the members received a 2.5 percent raise. And that was after a 12.5 percent across-the-board cut the prior year. Overall, our members are making less money in actual dollars than they were in 2002. Our health insurance is the worst offering anyone can remember, and we’ve got members who have worked here for three decades.

Our current unit officers are:

  • Norb Franz, chairman
  • Mary Ellen Zander, vice chair
  • Evon Pfeilstucker, steward
  • Ray Skowronek, steward

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