What would a DFM takeover of Gannett mean for the news industry?

By Julie Reynolds Picture this: Hundreds of U.S. newspapers – essential to our democracy – are controlled by one secretive New York hedge fund, with no obligation to disclose its small group of wealthy investors, hundreds of millions of dollars… Continue Reading →

Everything you need to know about Alden Global Capital and Local Newspapers

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A COMPLETE REFERENCE LIST In a hurry? READ the Hedge Clippers’ Hedge Paper “Fear The Vulture” — the definitive guide to Alden Global Capital What is Alden Global Capital? Alden Global Capital 101 Hedge funds and newspapers, a simple primer… Continue Reading →


Duke University’s media center takes a well-researched look at local news decline. But will it tackle a major funder’s role in exacerbating the problem?   By Julie Reynolds A recent report on the state of local news, published by Duke… Continue Reading →

Plateaus, dividends and Band-Aids

Breaking down DFM execs’ claims, one at a time   By Julie Reynolds Digital First Media needs to pillage its newspapers in order to make them better — that’s the essence of the business strategy described by DFM president Joe… Continue Reading →

New Video – DFM Workers Fight to Save Local News

Who Profits From Alden Global Capital? You’d be surprised.

By Julie Reynolds As a reporter who’s covered Alden Global Capital for more than two years, people often ask me who are the investors behind the hedge fund that owns one of America’s largest newspaper chains? They want to know… Continue Reading →

Is Alden Global Capital on shaky financial ground?

Losses at Fred’s pharmacy chain could mean trouble By Julie Reynolds   Class action litigators are sniffing around Alden Global Capital’s investment practices, signaling potential new trouble for the secretive New York hedge fund as it pillages newspapers to prop… Continue Reading →

VIDEO: We’re Fighting Alden Global Capital and We’re Not Backing Down

The fight to save hometown news is just beginning: “We will see you, and you’re definitely going to see us.” #AldenExposed

Speaking truth to Alden: photos

Marching to Alden headquarters | Photo by Tania Barricklo   On May 8, Digital First Media journalists rallied in New York City and Denver to tell Alden Global Capital executives to get their vulture hedge fund out of the news… Continue Reading →

Journalists take the fight to Alden

By Julie Reynolds Digital First Media journalists converged May 8 in Manhattan, arriving from newspapers around the country to deliver more than 11,000 signed letters demanding change from the chain’s hedge fund owner Alden Global Capital. The group gathered in… Continue Reading →

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