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12 News Guild bargaining units ratify three-year contract with major newspaper chain


“This campaign was the first time so many different bargaining units spread across the country were able to coordinate their efforts and join in common cause.” DENVER, JULY 27, 2016 — Leaders of 12 Guild bargaining units reached an unprecedented tentative… Continue Reading →

Exposing Alden

Had enough of vulture fund news owners? Join us in standing up to Alden Global Capital. Because #NewsMatters! Cartoon by KIRK ANDERSON  

How Alden Global Capital has pillaged the news — a tale in 19 Tweets

  Some people like to say that newspapers are dying, that we shouldn’t blame Digital First Media and its hedge fund owner, Alden Global Capital, for the troubles their 200-plus daily and weekly papers face. We DFM workers get that print… Continue Reading →

Now more than ever, the right to report facts and to tell the truth matters. News matters. We call on all Americans to join us in fighting attempts by government and other powerful institutions to undermine freedom of the press…. Continue Reading →

Denver workers speak truth to power: We need a responsible owner

Photographs by  PATRICK TRAYLOR DENVER — Scores of demonstrators rallied outside the downtown offices of the Denver Post on Friday, June 17, the day after a buyout push from management expired. The company’s proposed cuts would slash newsroom staff by a third, NewsGuild officials said…. Continue Reading →

June 17 Day of Action — standing up to Alden Global Capital

Our June 17 actions — standing up to hedge fund news owners and supporting Denver Post workers facing drastic staff cuts — saw an incredible turnout all over the country. Thanks to all who participated and sent photos. And if you haven’t signed… Continue Reading →

Digital First Media Workers Take on Alden Global Capital Hedge Fund

Hundreds of news workers and supporters will hold a nationwide Day of Action on June 17 Washington, D.C. — Digital First Media workers and advocates for responsible and quality journalism will launch a campaign beginning June 17 to demand investor… Continue Reading →

Silence and the city

Oakland mourns the loss of its daily paper

Alden Global’s friends in high places

A mysterious announcement made the rounds among business writers Tuesday. A company called Twenty Lake Holdings LLC had just acquired the buildings, printing presses and other real estate holdings from a U.S. newspaper chain. The buy included a total of… Continue Reading →

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