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Sign the letter to Alden Global Capital president Heath Freeman and demand transparency from the owner of America’s second-largest newspaper chain. The public deserves to know who’s gutting hundreds of papers for ever-greater profits — because democracy depends on journalism!

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Pioneer Press employees put out call for local owners



Minnesota’s oldest newspaper is being eviscerated

ST. PAUL >> Alden Global Capital, the hedge fund that owns the Pioneer Press, has cut more than 60 jobs in St. Paul — half of them from the newsroom — since it acquired a majority stake in the newspaper in 2012. That represents about 25 percent of the staff and 1,500 years of experience. Another 182 people lost their jobs when Alden outsourced the printing of the paper in 2014.

And the cuts continue — eight more people have left or will be leaving the newsroom soon in a new round of buyouts.

St. Paul is a great city. It deserves a great newspaper. The Pioneer Press has been an essential source of news and advertising in the east metro for nearly 170 years. Employees at the Pioneer Press have never stopped caring or going above-and-beyond to bring the newspaper to the people who depend on us.

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Bringing back local ownership of the news

A conversation with Fredric Rutberg, president of New England Newspapers Inc.


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12 News Guild bargaining units ratify three-year contract with major newspaper chain

United Meme

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“This campaign was the first time so many different bargaining units spread across the country were able to coordinate their efforts and join in common cause.”

DENVER, JULY 27, 2016 — Leaders of 12 Guild bargaining units reached an unprecedented tentative agreement with Digital First Media today, including the first across-the-board pay increase many DFM workers have seen in years.

The bargaining was conducted during an ongoing revenue squeeze and threats of job cuts throughout the newspaper industry. At DFM, management’s outsourcing of jobs has been a key issue, as have Guild efforts to win enhanced severance terms for any workers facing layoff.

The Denver Newspaper Guild held a rally outside The Denver Post in June condemning downsizing actions by owner Alden Global Capital. Photo by Patrick Traylor.


Exposing Alden


Had enough of vulture fund news owners? Join us in standing up to Alden Global Capital. Because #NewsMatters!



How Alden Global Capital has pillaged the news — a tale in 19 Tweets


Denver Post rally on June 17. Credit: Patrick Traylor

Some people like to say that newspapers are dying, that we shouldn’t blame Digital First Media and its hedge fund owner, Alden Global Capital, for the troubles their 200-plus daily and weekly papers face. We DFM workers get that print is in peril, and that it will take owners with a deep commitment to democracy and journalism — along with a lot of creative hard work — to keep the news alive, independent and vibrant.

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Denver workers speak truth to power: We need a responsible owner

Photographs by  PATRICK TRAYLOR

DENVER — Scores of demonstrators rallied outside the downtown offices of the Denver Post on Friday, June 17, the day after a buyout push from management expired. The company’s proposed cuts would slash newsroom staff by a third, NewsGuild officials said.

Demonstrators called for transparency from Alden Global Capital, a “vulture” hedge fund that owns Digital First Media, the nation’s second-largest newspaper company. Digital First, or DFM, runs the Post and more than 200 other dailies and weeklies across the U.S.

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June 17 Day of Action — standing up to Alden Global Capital

Our June 17 actions — standing up to hedge fund news owners and supporting Denver Post workers facing drastic staff cuts — saw an incredible turnout all over the country. Thanks to all who participated and sent photos.

And if you haven’t signed the petition to Alden Global Capital, do it now!


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